Salute to ice packs!!!!

I can read!!! Alas, my arm is not as severely injured as I had thought. I woke up this morning with little to no pain and no sign of bruising 🙂 Library trip today? Yes.

Last time something like this occurred to one of my limbs, I was also donating plasma and the needle went through the vein in my left arm, causing severe bruising and discomfort. I am glad I didn’t have to go through that again!!! This time I carefully tended to my injury with ice packs and less movement of the joint to keep it safe, and it paid off. I am hoping that it will be possible to donate sooner than I had though I would be able to :D.

Regarding the literary world, I read more of ‘Wizard’s First Rule‘ last night, and it just keeps getting more intriguing! Dragons, witch women, coy distractions, devious illusions, strange creatures… exciting things indeed!!! I will just have to keep reading and let you guys know what I think along the journey. So far it is a wonderfully written novel, but even great writers can slip up and make mistakes; which i will be on the look-out for.

xoxo, The Enthusiast.


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